Globalization and Freedom

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For a long time, America was a nation that was free and more or less had open borders, but this changed with the terror attack of 9/11 when America was forced to rethink its state of borders. Apart from that, Americans started comparing their country with others with many television shows depicting the USA in a negative way known from writing experts.

The 9/11 event was a catastrophic event that caused a lot of deaths in America at the hand of Al-Qaeda. This event made Americans reconsider their conceptions of being a nation with open borders. In order for trade to flourish in North America, it was necessary for the country to adopt an open continental system. This system ensured that there was a relatively free movement of goods and people across the border. This freedom was good for trade because traders were able to get their goods easily into the country and they could trade cheaply, getting their products at a very reasonable price from outside the country and getting them into the country to trade. This changed after the September 11, 2001 occurrence, popularly referred to as the 9/11.

The American people became very agitated, voicing their concerns about the safety of their nation since there was the unimpeded movement to and from other countries. This made the government adopt strict policies that stopped the free movement across the Southwest border so as to reduce the chances of illegal immigration and get rid of the risk of illegal goods being smuggled into the country. By imposing these policies, the American government was able to safeguard the citizens’ safety since they were able to significantly reduce the number of people who moved across the borders.

The X-Files and the American Fears about Globalization and Immigration

“The X-Files” was an American television series that showed careers of the FBI agents and their personal lives. This series showcased how the American citizens were dependent on the government and how they were not able to trust the bureaucratic system. In “The X-Files”, there is a lot of conspiracy and aliens involved and this is very similar to the way the American citizens feel that their government and systems are being taken over by immigrants who have been changing the traditional way of the American system.

The Americans have fears about globalization. These fears are very similar to the plot of “The X-Files” whereby the Americans find that when they are in the globalized world, their government does not care about them and at times they are even ignored, while their government pays more attention to immigrants. This justifies why the Americans are scared of globalization. Most citizens of America have a justified fear of globalization since when they go outside their borders in search of jobs, it is like their government forgets about them.

In America, more and more television programs are based on plots about alien invasions, threats to the American way of life, and porous borders. Most American citizens view that their security is threatened by the way the system is being penetrated by immigrants and “aliens” who at times turn out to be the very enemies that their security is protecting them from, thus making it easy for invasions to take place through the system. As for porous borders, some borders like the Mexican border are not well-manned and secure. This results in people easily getting into the country and smuggling illegal goods, hence putting the country at a great risk of invasion and terror attacks. An easy way for the Americans to understand this is through producing more television programs that showcase this security weakness.

A majority of “The X-Files” fans say that the American government is a threat to their freedoms and rights. This is partly because the X-files program was very successful in portraying the American government in an extremely negative way, stressing that the American government has changed. This change relates to the fact that many aliens have been integrated into the government, therefore making the government fail to accomplish its traditional purpose of representing the will of the American people. Instead, it represents the will of aliens and immigrants.

Due to the increasing inclusion of aliens and foreigners in the government, the privacy of the American citizens is violated just like in the majority of other television series in which aliens take over everything, leaving the humans with no form of privacy. This shows that the American people are at a point when they cannot tell persons who run their own government, making it look like it is being run by aliens.

In “The X-Files”, there is a great fear of hybrids. This is very similar to the way that the Americans fear globalization in the result of which many countries have had their cuisines brought to America, making the Americans lose their way of life and identity. This has become more or less like the dissolution of a nuclear family because the globalization has left most Americans with the task of finding out and sticking to who they are. The election of the first African American president of America, Barack Obama, has raised many issues. Many people argue that Barack was not born in America and, therefore, he should not be left to lead the country, terming this as allowing their country be led by an alien similar to “The X-Files”.

Hence, the American people need their government to show more interest in their rights. Moreover, the government is expected to reassure citizens that even during the era of globalization they are still its main concern. Besides, various TV series show that the American people are aware of whatever happens in their government, which is the reason why so many television shows have this mood.

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